Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

Do you desire to have a rug cleaning service in Los Angeles that’s completely green, eco-friendly and gets rid of all the dust, dirt, grime, pet odors, stains, allergens and harmful bacteria trapped in your beautiful area rug? Well that’s our specialty here at Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles.

For years, our professional rug cleaners at Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles have provided both residential and commercial rug cleaning services to our numerous clients in the wonderful city of Los Angeles. We are among the top oriental and area rug cleaning companies in Los Angeles that are known to offer some of the best rug cleaning deals at the most affordable rates you can find in the cleaning industry.

At Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles, we utilize different rug cleaning processes and techniques for each and every rug we clean and care for. Our expert and highly skilled area rug cleaners specialize in cleaning Oriental rugs,  Antique rugs, Indian rugs, Persian rugs, Antique rugs, Afghani rugs, Pakistani rugs, Turkish rugs as well as hand-woven or machine made rugs.

Our Organic Rug Cleaning Methods at Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

The most common rug cleaning method we employ at oriental and area rug cleaning Los Angeles is the hot water extraction or steam cleaning method. This method is designed to deep-clean your rugs, remove dirt and cleaning solution residues more effectively than any other method.

Depending on the age and condition of your area rugs, we sometimes recommend the dry cleaning method for older or more delicate rugs. You can be rest assured that whichever organic and eco-friendly rug cleaning method our experienced rug cleaning specialist employ will be based on a thorough and meticulous assessment of your area rug.

What Should You Expect From Our Rug Cleaning Process?

At Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles, we have streamlined and perfected our rug cleaning processes to reflect our years of experience in the professional rug cleaning industry. We remain focused on delivering the most effective rug cleaning service that is guaranteed to increase the lifespan of your rugs.

Our oriental and area rug cleaning processes consists of the following steps:

  • Preliminary Inspection: Here, our expert rug cleaning specialists in Los Angeles will take into account any visible damage, wear, stains, fading, color instability, and other key factors when selecting the most appropriate organic rug cleaning method to use
  • Air-Washing or Dusting: Compressed air and specialized tools remove dust and other particulate matter embedded deep within your rug.
  • Pre-Treatment: Special eco-friendly organic rug stain-removers are applied to prepare spots for removal.
  • Pre-Cleaning: This process targets heavily soiled areas.
  • Agitation: The agitation process helps loosen stains and soil.
  • Extraction: Hot steam rinse and extraction draw out loosened stains and soil.
  • Grooming: Specialized tools restore the nap of your rug.

At Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles we continually strive to maintain the highest standards of organic rug cleaning techniques and processes set by the IICRC. We perform a thorough final inspection to each and every rug we clean to make sure our cleaning service has been delivered to expectation.

Our main goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our eco-friendly green rug cleaning; and we won’t hesitate to repeat any step that is required to provide you with the best results possible.

The Organic Carpet Cleaning Team With A Difference!

Asides from being able to competently handle all your oriental and area rug cleaning needs, our licensed, certified and legally bonded professional cleaners here at Green Steam Carpet Cleaning have the experience to cater for any other cleaning service you may need from us.

From Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Tile/grout line cleaning, Hardwood floor cleaning, Air duct cleaning to Water damage restoration services in Los Angeles, you can trust our team of expert cleaners to provide you with the kind of service that you’ll be proud of.

Contact us today on (323) 302-5096 and let our professional cleaners in Los Angeles help make your home a safer and healthier dwelling place for you and your loved ones. You can also request a FREE price quote on all our cleaning services from our customer care representatives at any convenient time.